Master of Mud (aka artist) and former Center for Creative Studies (CCS), Detroit,  professor of art, Bill (William J.) Girard Jr., passed away in 2011. The website created to honor him is found at Note: Most images are clickable. ------------------------------------------------------- Left to Right: Bill Girard, Father Nicholas Maestrini and collector, Bernice Kent. 1968. Behind  Kent, Girard's painting: Of Rumbling Wooden Wheels Going Through A Dusty Night The burglar  paid no attention at all to our collection of Girard paintings and sculpture. It was very depressing. My naturopath subsequently instructed me to treat this and all life issues with the balm of gratitude. She would surely be pleased to know that the burglary has taught me to be grateful for boors. Happily, at least one of the two investigating police officers could scarcely drag his eyes away from the large Girard painting, Fauvel. This made me feel

Noted German Scientist Cracks Hieroglyphic Cipher of Artist Bill Girard

  Meet the wizard (of science): Professor Dr. Robert Fuchs, Director Emeritus of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and former head  Head of the Department of Restoration and Conservation of  Written material, Graphics, Photography and Illuminated Manuscripts.     Nice smile, right? Now, meet the mysterious hieroglyphic code. Well, at least a lovely sample of it. It accompanies an equally lovely sketch.  Ballpoint pen on torn paper. 8.5" x 11"  Artist: William Girard, Royal Oak, MI 1940-2011 For reasons unknown, the artist, former Prof. of Art Bill Girard , decided to borrow Egyptian hieroglyphics and put them to work for his own purposes. Everyone needs a private language all their own, right?  Girard co-opted what he found (in pre-digital age sources), mixed it up a bit (or drew from  unreliable sources), then gradually evolved additional characters as needed. As you can see in the sketch above, he used them fluently.  That is, aside from two notable mis-starts, he

Girard: The Fairy's Tale. Part I - A Prose Poem for Performance

Introduction: Fairyland is sponsoring an exhibit of three Bill Girard paintings, based on  Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream . Mortal tourists are about to get the guided tour ... and perhaps learn more than they intended. But it's not too late! You can still join them. (Crash the gate!)                                                            ______________ Fairies on the Egg . 1973.  Artist: Bill Girard. Royal Oak, MI. 1940-2011. Robin : Welcome, friends, to Fairyland! My name is Robin. I’m leading your Fascination with Fairies exhibit tour. Take no offence if I hover overhead. I think you’ll find it easier to hear. When we were young, Big Folk loomed large. Today, to us, you’re walking walls.   You use your legs. I’ll stick to wings. Stay close. Don’t stray. Enjoy this placid odyssey.   Child : Mommy. Mommy. There’s a butterboy! Robin : This Fascination with Fairies … And you, child, are a budding bard. This exhibi