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Inside Girard's Arts and Crafts Palace

The online publication, The Beautiful Home ,  recently published an essay about Bill Girard's personal residence . The article is accompanied with several lovely photos of the artist's home and some of the pieces, murals, sculptures, etc., that adorned it. As well as others. Find that article here: Unfortunately, it occurs to me that said article fails to reference a recurring theme in the artist's life: a theme that might provide a key to understanding the person, the work and the artist.  Consider that Girard Rejected the the option of a career in architecture (as urged by his father) in favor of a career dedicated to the creation of handcrafted objects (i.e. art) not unl ike one of the more noted advocates of the Arts and Crafts movement, William Morris Studied (briefly, to be sure) at Detroit's Society of Arts and Crafts and later taught at the art college that it evolved into Created his personal, private palace insi