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Noted German Scientist Cracks Hieroglyphic Cipher of Artist Bill Girard

  Meet the wizard (of science): Professor Dr. Robert Fuchs, Director Emeritus of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and former head  Head of the Department of Restoration and Conservation of  Written material, Graphics, Photography and Illuminated Manuscripts.     Nice smile, right? Now, meet the mysterious hieroglyphic code. Well, at least a lovely sample of it. It accompanies an equally lovely sketch.  Ballpoint pen on torn paper. 8.5" x 11"  Artist: William Girard, Royal Oak, MI 1940-2011 For reasons unknown, the artist, former Prof. of Art Bill Girard , decided to borrow Egyptian hieroglyphics and put them to work for his own purposes. Everyone needs a private language all their own, right?  Girard co-opted what he found (in pre-digital age sources), mixed it up a bit (or drew from  unreliable sources), then gradually evolved additional characters as needed. As you can see in the sketch above, he used them fluently.  That is, aside from two notable mis-starts, he