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Which of the 4 paintings below belong in an art school's Alumni Exhibit?
Pick a maximum of two.
List your picks in the Comments section --
 below this post -- for all to see. 
Both artists went to the same institution. 
Neither graduated. 

One lived the life of an artist. One didn't.

One was widely collected. The other wasn't. 

What gets in the show?

Painting #1

Detail of #3

Painting #4

Two paintings are by Bill Girard
Two paintings are by someone else.

Girard's Pinckney, Michigan, Murals (Circa 2005)

These murals were commissioned for the home of a family in Pinckney, Michigan, a drive of several hours from Royal Oak, Michigan, where Bill lived. At least, that's what Bill told me. 

 Bill sent me these images in 2006, about four years before his passing.

The drive was wearisome. But Bill both needed the money and loved the family involved.

I  imagine that in particularly dismal winters these murals must be an endless source of joy.

I hope that they are well maintained.

A Letter from Bill: The "Nion" Woman

The letter is handwritten and undated, as you can see, below. But it was written in 2006 and accompanied by photos of the referenced murals. I still have the hand-made postage stamped, shipping container he made to send them with. The spelling in my transcribed version is reflects Girard's.In a separate letter, Bill wrote that he prefered  the lowercase, cursive "i" to the uppercase "I,"  as the latter really looks like a "CL." The cursive "i,"  he wrote, "Has grace and style, and it makes me feel good."

Dear Glen

Here are the photographs of the Semprevivo murals.

The Vestibule and hallway, as well as the powder room which i fancy in the Indo-Chinoiserie style.

The other photograph of the Banker in the Art gallery is akin the the proverbial "Bull in a China Shop" Came out of an experience that I had a number of years ago. I had been invited to judge an Art exhibit in Downtown Detroit. 

The exhibilition was to be housed in a small…