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Girard: The Fairy's Tale. Part I - A Prose Poem for Performance

Introduction: Fairyland is sponsoring an exhibit of three Bill Girard paintings, based on  Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream . Mortal tourists are about to get the guided tour ... and perhaps learn more than they intended. But it's not too late! You can still join them. (Crash the gate!)                                                            ______________ Fairies on the Egg . 1973.  Artist: Bill Girard. Royal Oak, MI. 1940-2011. Robin : Welcome, friends, to Fairyland! My name is Robin. I’m leading your Fascination with Fairies exhibit tour. Take no offence if I hover overhead. I think you’ll find it easier to hear. When we were young, Big Folk loomed large. Today, to us, you’re walking walls.   You use your legs. I’ll stick to wings. Stay close. Don’t stray. Enjoy this placid odyssey.   Child : Mommy. Mommy. There’s a butterboy! Robin : This Fascination with Fairies … And you, child, are a budding bard. This exhibi